Healing in Trebostovo threetimes (24.6., 8.7., 22.7.2011)

Vrutky Healing travelled to Trebostovo, because Mrs Eva, who is citizen of village, called us! There came around 95 people, they came from Trebostovo and near villages. There came mayor of village too. Everybody was excited what was going to happened.

People were hurt by pain in their bodies for long time in their lives! But after healing, pain had gone! Pain in knees, backbone, head or stomach had gone! Somebody felt it through healer speech, somebody after healer touch. They were happy and surprised. You could saw it on their faces! People desired health! They were ready to anything to get health by healers hands! Healing in Trebostovo was historical event in that village!

Information about Healing on the website: http://www.trebostovo.sk/cms/


“I am here for the first time. I felt pain in back, between shoulders and head. Doctors told me it is migraine. I took a lot of medication to not feel pain in my head. After Healing pain had gone immediately. My spine hurt me so much, that I couldn’t do anything! Now I am ok!”  Margita, Turč.Peter

“Today I am here for the first time, my friends told me about Healing. I had “woman problems”, and problems with stomach and spine, it hurt me. On Healing I felt warm and releasing, pain had gone! I felt something strange in my stomach, but later I felt like something heavy fall away.” Iveta, Trebostovo

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